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7 Reasons for an
Annual Roof Wash

The first step in fixing a problem is noticing there is one


1. Your House Will Stay Cool

When you fail to keep your roof clean, algae, mold and mildew will grow. These fungi cause the roof to absorb heat, which can make it difficult to cool your home in Florida. Having the roof cleaned annually will help your air conditioning units work more efficiently and create a cooler environment at less cost.

2. Save Money

Keeping the roof clean makes it easier to cool- and heat- the home, which results in energy savings. A consistently comfy temperature will cost you less from month to month each time you get a utility bill. 

3. Keeps The Roofs Warranty Active

As you know, manufacturers want you to maintain your roof and clean it regularly. A multi-year warranty does not exempt you from basic core maintenance during the life of your roof. Neglecting your roof may devoid any warranty that came when your home’s roof was installed. Routine cleaning identifies any potential issues lurking on or near the roof, which may actually be helpful in preventing with prompt action.

4. Prevent Costly Damages

Over time, debris traps moisture on the roof which can cause moisture damage and mold that will erode and eat away at the roofing materials. Routinely cleaning your roof can prevent costly leaks that will lead to water damage. When water seeps in your home, it won’t be long before mold and mildew grow. We will take care of your homes roof.

5. Increase The Value of your Home

A home with a greenish-black, algae-covered roof will be less attractive and may be a warning flag to potential buyers. A clean roof that is rid of mold, mildew, and algae will look pleasing to the eye and will increase your home’s value if and when you are looking to sell your property.

6. Save Money In The Long Run

Routinely cleaning your roof is much less expensive than repairing or replacing it. Roof cleaning typically costs around $500 on average while replacing a roof can cost nearly $8,000 or more on average. We will take care of your roof and in turn, it will take care of you and your family.

7. Protection From Pests + Rodents

A neglected roof is very appealing to pests and wildlife. The debris and rotting wood around the roof is a perfect living environment for roaches, mushrooms, rodents, and other fungi and pests. Nests and hives can also cause complications including clogs and potentially opening the door to an infestation. We will maintain your roof, gutters, and eaves- which will keep unwanted visitors and complications away.

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